European Races

Sun 6th March 2016

Paris Half Marathon

The Paris half marathon or 'Semi Marathon De Paris' is an IAAF Bronze Label race which which attracts 40,000 runners from across France and the rest of Europe. The race boasts impressive male and female course records - in... (more info)

Sun 6th March 2016

CPC Loop Den Haag Half Marathon

The Cpc Loop Den Haag half marathon is a whopping great big event that attracts runners from all over - many of which hope tpo get a fast time on this fast course. There is also a childrens race which... (more info)

Sun 13th March 2016

Rome Half Marathon

A popular half marathon in the Eternal City which has been awarded the prestigious IAAF Gold Label. (more info)

Sun 13th March 2016

Zurich Barcelona Marathon

Barcelona has a hugh marathon with around 17,000 runners running around the Catalan capital each year. The event is well over 30 years old with the first one taking place back in 1977. (more info)

Sun 20th March 2016

Lisbon Half Marathon

The Lisbon half marathon is one of the biggest half marathons in Europe with nearly 40,000 runners taking part. The scenery is fantastic and the start at the southern end of the... (more info)

March 2016 / Date TBC

Prague Half Marathon

The Prague half marathon is one of the biggest in Europe with around 12,000 entries. The IAAF Gold Label race attracts runners of all abilities from around the world although the... (more info)

March 2016 / Date TBC

Freiburg Marathon / Half

The Frieburg half and full marathon is famous for having bands - lots of them (42 to be precise)! The event attracts thousands of runners and tens of thousands of spectators who help to create a unique atmosphere in... (more info)

March 2016 / Date TBC

Berlin Half Marathon

The Berlin half marathon was first held in 1984 and now attracts around 30,000 runners every year. The support around the course is magnificent with an estimated 200,000 spectators cheering every... (more info)

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